Some of the Best Amateur /Semi-Pro teams going into CWL: Vegas

Credit — MLG / Call of Duty


This list of teams that I have compiled is a tricky one. The list is not obvious nor is it ambiguous. It’s extremely difficult to list teams that break the boundary between pro and amateur, however, I will be basing this list on 3 different factors:

1. Were not in the CWL Pro League for the WWII season (Or majority players in pro league)

2. Do not consist of a majority ‘professional players’ line-up

3. Have had limited success, however minor it may be, and if they have the potential to win.

The majority of this information has been gathered from the Call of Duty Gamepedia. If you want to have a look for yourself then check the links out at the bottom

Heretics KFC

Juan “JurNii” Antonio González

Alejandro “Lucky” López

Jorge “MethodZ” Bancells

Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano

Endika “Sukry” Andres

Heretics KFC is a Spanish organisation that has been competing in Call of Duty since Black Ops 3. Two of the players, JurNii and Lucky, have been on the roster since its formation and were joined by MethodZ and Sukry for the WWII season. The core has placed relatively well, qualifying for the 2018 Call of Duty Championships through the LCQ and reaching T24 at Champs itself. The team added MeTTalZz after the announcement of 5v5 competitive play, who is a relatively unknown Spanish player, but he is an incredible talent. He is an AR slayer and combined with the structure, tenacity, and chemistry of this lineup, I’m certain they will do well. However, like every new team that has brought in new talent, there is always a risk of underperforming under pressure at a big LAN. We will see how they perform at CWL Vegas.

Enigma 6

Steven “Diabolic” Rivero

Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom

Jordon “General” General

Kade “Kade” Jones

Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley

This is another one of the American rosters that I am most excited for. The case could be made that Frosty, General and Diabolic are technically professionals however due to their status I will be noting them as Semi-pro.

General and Diabolic are paired with the newly acquired ex-professional Halo player Frosty, who has a lot to prove during this coming year and whether he can make the transition as well as the likes of FormaL or Enable have done in the past. Diabolic also pairs up with his ex-teammate Kade, who was under E6 during the 2017 IW season, where the team placed 5–6th at CWL Anaheim. KiSMET is their fifth player who’s highest placing was T24 at CWL Anaheim last year (out of the 4 LANs he played), so he has to perform. Overall the team seems relatively sound, however, because it’s Frosty’s first year playing Call of Duty competitively, he needs to find his role and playstyle to fit within the team if they are to perform in the Open Bracket.

Legion Gaming

Jamie “Jambo” Lambert

Koomail “Traudey” Hassan

Laurens “Subsist” Schuurmans

Josh “Watson” Watson

Louis “LouiCM” Morton

Legion Gaming consists of British amateur players bar Watson, who has competed at the professional level for years now. His talent and leadership are similar to Tommey in the sense that he is paired with incredible talent from the UK scene and will mold these players into professionals. LouiCM & Subsist are two of the stand out names due to their relatively good placings, such as Subsist’s 9–12 at CWL Sheffield 2017 and LouiCM’s top-20 placing at the same event. I reached out to Louis for a comment on how their practice has been going and what they have been doing to prepare for Vegas.

So how are you prepping going into vegas seen as there is no ruleset yet?
“Due to no rule set we have just been grinding wagers & snd tournaments, but it has gotten super tedious in recent days, I don’t know how SND players do it all year.”
I asked him about his practise, and if they have been scrimming Vegas teams.
“We have been constantly playing against top teams in SND everyday learning new things but as soon as the rule set is announced we will start scrimming.”
I finally asked which other teams he feels like can do well at CWL Vegas from the amateur circuit
“Disregarding the pro teams, there’s a few good teams who could do well at Vegas like Revolts’s team and my own team. Also a few mainland European teams I think could do well like obviously Heretics, Supremacy & Wailers’ new team.”

Splyce Halo

Kevin “Eco” Smith

Vlad “Ramby” Sanchez

Jonathan “Renegade” Willette

Braedon “StelluR” Boettcher

Ted “TeddyRecKs” Kim

Splyce Halo is another solid pick in my eyes for teams that should do relatively well. This team consists of two Call of Duty players in Ramby and TeddyRecKs. These two placed relatively well during WWII, where they placed 13–16h for the Call of Duty championships 2018. However, the main core of the roster are Halo players, who will be competing in both circuits for both games if my knowledge is correct. Eco, Renegade, and StelluR are all huge talents and have played Halo competitively for years. They are extremely aggressive players who have perfected the mechanics and game sense for FPS titles. However, due to the competition in Call of Duty improving every year, it’s whether the core of this roster will be able to keep up with the rest of the squad. If they can do that, and find their roles, I’m certain this team could do well. Also, the issue of the CWL ruleset will mean that this team will have to stay in the Amateur circuit unless the original Splyce team falls to the Amateur circuit too, as each organisation is only allowed one team in the Pro League.

Honorable Mentions

-Copley’s team (If he makes it)


-Swarley’s team

-KiLLa’s team

-Vodafone Giants

-Wailer’s team

-Team Obsidium

All information in this article was gathered either by myself or from the Call of Duty Gamepedia linked here:

Thank you again to LouiCM for allowing me to ask him questions about his upcoming event.