Looking Professional

To look professional is key. If someone wants to come and view your work in personor discuss a commision it does not look great inviting them over to your parents house or your shabby flat. Renting a desk space is a good idea because it allows you to have that professional space for clients and for yourself to work from. This isn’t a must because of money etc but it is definitely something to consider, especially as i want to go down the editorial side of photography. I have had a look at a few places that do offer a variety of desk spaces to rent — prices do vary but it also depends on what area you plan to have one in and where you are living , places like London are obviously more exspensive than my home county Cornwall, however if i were to have a job to bring in enough income to support my photography work then it makes sense to look into having a personal, professional space to work from.

Below are two examples of prices and the types of work and desk spaces you can rent — Lomdon and Cornwall.

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