Call her.

I love speaking to my mom on the phone.

We never have to speak a lot, sometimes it’s just as simple as 1.5 minutes saying — Hey, how are you? All good? Did you eat? Please take good care of yourself, yeah? — and the world is right again. I can go to bed and know everything is going to be fine.

If she hears I’m with friends or in a rush, she always says “Go do your thing. Go! Be good!’. Never complains if I don’t call (on time), or miss a Skype.

She told me today she feels a bit bad because she thinks she should be bit closer, support me more.

But she has. No. Idea.

If yours also has no idea how much you appreciate her, do something.

Call her.

Seriously that simple. I for one wouldn’t want to wake up one day realising I ran around to convince other people of my worth, or show my appreciation — and forget to show it to people who love me. People who get frustrated over finding ways of being there for me.

I want to honor that.

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