Georgia Tech Design Students Have Helluva Good Pumpkin Carving Skills

60 first-year design students were given the task to create pumpkin art. What they came up with was super cool.

Each student was given they own pumpkin, and tasked to find design inspiration to create something crafted with precision. That launched a 3-day design blitz, a fast-paced design exercise to learn skills to take their creativity to the next level.

Step 1: A little pumpkin dissection. This allowed students to figure out what they were working with. The results were surprisingly artistic.

After a little exploration, the freshmen started finding their inspiration. Then the carving began.

What resulted was true pumpkin art.

The idea was to create carved pumpkins that housed tea light candles with a dramatic transformation inspired by some design theme.

Some designs were very angular in nature.

Others more concentric.

Some drew from popular design elements.

This one just brought the house down.

A kaleidoscope of pumpkin art in one pop-up patch in the middle of Georgia Tech’s campus.

The day-to-night transformations were incredible too.

This design was voted as the top pumpkin creation.

And we made it through this whole thing without ever calling them Jacket O’Lanterns.

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