Anaklia Deep Sea Port Operator Named

The construction of a Deep Sea Port in the Black Sea coastal town of Anaklia, implemented by the Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC), will establish a new maritime corridor between Asia and Europe, helping restore the historic Silk Road and increase international trade.

Anaklia Development Consortium parties

The Anaklia Development Consortium consists of the TBC Holding LLC from Georgia and Conti International LLC from the United States. TBC Holding founder Mamuka Khazaradze is also the Founder and Chairman of TBC Bank JSC. Conti International LLC is a US-based major developer of infrastructure and capital projects.

After two years of discussions, the company responsible for developing the mixed-cargo Deep Sea Port signed an investment agreement with the Government of Georgia on October 3, 2016.

On August 1, ADC officially signed an agreement appointing SSA Marine as terminal operator for the Anaklia Deep Water Black Sea Port’s container terminal, which will establish an important maritime corridor between China and Europe and stimulate national and regional economic growth.

Prime Minister Kvirikashvili meeting with Anaklia Development Consortium

SSA Marine is one of the largest terminal operators in the world and is headquartered in Seattle. The company oversees more than 250 strategic operations across five continents, services 27.2 million containers (TEU), and manages terminals in nine different countries. In addition, SSA Marine handles over 75 million tonnes of dry bulk globally, manages cruise ship operations in Mexico and the United States, and operates over 30 intermodal rail ramps for US Class I railroads. The agreement provides SSA Marine with operating rights to the port’s container terminal for the next 20 years. SSA Marine will also act as an equity investor for ADC.

US Vice President Mike Pence, while on a visit to Georgia on August 1, hailed the US-Georgia collaboration that is bringing the Anaklia Deep Sea Port to life and building on the growing importance of Georgia to regional and international economic development: “The Anaklia Deep Sea Port shows the potential of a stronger bilateral relationship between our nations. American companies are investing alongside their Georgian counterparts in this multi-billion-dollar project. As we look toward the future, our two nations have untold opportunities to contribute even more to each other’s prosperity.”

“We are proud to be partners of such perspective and ambitious project. The Anaklia Deep Sea Port is what will make Georgia as an important logistic center,” said Vice-President of SSA Marine Bob Waters.

Construction of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port will be broken down into nine distinct phases. The annual throughput of the port will be 100 million tons. The project is anticipated to create thousands of new jobs. The port will encompass about 400 hectares of land and it will cost approximately 2.5 billion USD.

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port project is expected to be completed by 2020. Once fully operational, the multi-functional port will have the ability to receive Panamax and post-Panamax ships — the largest vessels with a cargo capacity of up to 40,000 tons.

As part of the development agreement, the ADC also receives the right to develop a Free Industrial Zone that will support the port’s operations and trade, and be home to local and international entrepreneurial initiatives. It will be administered with a tax-free policy to incentivize shipping companies, manufacturers, businesses, and employees to relocate and use the port.

TBC Group and Conti Group have already announced the plan for “Anaklia City” and will take care of the development of the city along with the development of the port. The town Anaklia, which is considered as an important business center in the region, will be built on a 1000 hectare area near the Anaklia Port. The industrial park and residential complexes will be developed in the city. Spaces will be allocated for education, offices, recreational infrastructures, exhibitions. Anaklia is considered a satellite city, where urban planning will be based on information and communication technologies (ICT) that will improve the quality of life and make it more interesting and attractive.

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