10 Ways To Not Get Raped

1. Don’t shave your legs.

Men totally hate legs that aren’t shaved.

2. Wear very unappealing clothes.

If you look too good i.e. tank tops, short skirts, cleavage out etc. then you become a target.

3. Be covered from head to toe.

The less they see the safer you are.

4. Wear nail polish.

Wear nail polish that can detect date rape drugs. (No seriously it’s a real thing). Wear it, stir your drink with your finger and if it changes color. Then that’s your cue to RUN!!

5. Travel in groups.

The more of you there are the less likely a rapist is to approach. He can take one but he can’t handle 3 or 4.

6. Ignore all male contact.

If you just don’t talk to guys then maybe you won’t turn them on and you won’t be raped.

7. Don’t be outside after dark.

Ladies a curfew is a must. When it gets dark you must be home. Rapist mostly search and strike at night.

8. Don’t be nice to strangers.

Strangers are the perfect rapist. They make you think that they are a really nice person when they are actually out for only one thing.

9. Don’t attend social events.

Attending a social event means you are looking good, smelling good and over all attractiveness. Let’s not forget liquor may be present and that is a perfect time for a date rape drug to be slipped into your drink. You don’t want to attract the wrong person. So just avoid it all together.

10. Don’t be a girl.

The most important of all the ways to deter rape, just don’t be born a girl.

Congratulations on reading this far in the post because I am sure that most people got angry after reading the first few sentences. Do you see how crazy this list of things sounds? Well if you really think about it this is exactly how the matter of rape is approached in today’s society. They focus on what the woman is doing, shouldn’t do or is not doing. Men are free to do as they please. Most men are not taught that they shouldn’t rape or more importantly that they don’t need to rape.

Let’s get it together society! A woman should be able to do the things she likes, wear the clothes she likes and go the places she likes without having her family worry about her “being safe from men”.

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