15 Must Have Google Chrome Hacks

Original article published 3/20/16 by Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy

  1. Streak
    What does it do?
    Streak is a pretty much a free CRM for gmail. You can see when emails are opens, track email, schedule emails, conduct mail merges and so much more! ( Great for when you pull an all-nighter and don’t want to send an email at 2am but may forget to wake up and send it, simply schedule it to send itself at 8am)
    Download Streak

    2. Rapportive
    What does it do?
    Rapportive allows you to instantly find and add the linkedin profiles of anyone you email. ( As they say, your network is your net worth! Never miss a connection )
    Download Rapportive

3. Hootsuite Hootlet
What does it do?
Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts. The Hootsuite’s chrome plugin (Hootlet) allows you to share and schedule instantly without having to go to hootsuites website. (save lots of times).
Download Hootsuite Hootlet

4. Grammarly
What does it do?
Grammarly does exactly what you think it does, it correct your grammar. Unless you were an English major, I suggest you download this plugin. It comes in very handy ( makes you sound and feel a lot smarter)
Download Grammarly

5. Honey
What does it do?
Honey is pretty much coupon palooza. This plugin notifies you when the website you are on has any promotional codes. (Saves you lots of money!)
Download Honey

6. Mighty Text
What does it do?
Might text allows us fellow Android users to send SMS messages from our laptops. Similarly to iMessage that Apple products have. 
Download Mighty Text

​7. Just Not Sorry
What does it do?
This creative plugin helps you realize when you are undermining yourself in emails. For those of us who are constantly apologizing and making ourselves seem lesser than we really are. This plugin will absolutely come in handy. 
Download Just not Sorry

8. Pocket
What does it do?
Pocket allows you to conveniently save and read later links you find on the internet. Instead of constantly emailing yourself links, pocket allow you to store and organize these links. 
Download Pocket

9. Chrome Remote Desktop
What does it do?
​For us busy bees who have multiple computers and are always on the go. Chrome remote desktop allows you to remotely access you other computers. ( For those days you forget to email yourself that 2000 word essay that you stayed up until 3am to complete) 
Download Chrome Remote Desktop

​​10. Stay Focused
What does it do?
We all know how easy it is to sneak to very very distracting things on the internet. StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.
Download Stay Focused

11. Google Mail Checker
What does it do?

This does exactly what the name says. Instead of always running to your inbox. Google Mail checker tells you exactly how many unread messages are in your inbox without you having to go to your email.
Download Google Mail Checker

12. Simple Blocker
What does it do?
Block distracting and annoying websites. Boost your productivity!
Download Simple Blocker

​​13. AdBlock
What does it do?
Blocks all those adds that makes it take forever to navigate the web! 
Download AdBlock

14. Momentum
What does it do?
Simple yet magical. Momentum replaces new tabs a personal dashboard featuring todo, weather, and inspiration.This pretty much gives you a calm moment and inspires you to be more productive.
Download Momentum

15. Todoist
What does it do?
Simple and beautiful to do list to help you, you know, get $h!t done :)
Download Todoist

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