Get Shit Done Series: Pt 9 , Sheena Allen

Georgie: Who are you? Tell us a bit about your background in 4–5 sentences

Sheena: I am the founder and CEO of Sheena Allen Apps and CapWay. I was born and raised in Terry, MS. I attended the University of Southern Mississippi where I started my first tech startup. I bootstrapped my first startup and generated millions of downloads. I am now on to my second startup to help the under-served become financially healthy.

Georgie: Let’s remind the audience of your role at the get What did you speak about at the Get Shit Done Summit?

Sheena: I was the keynote speaker and I talked about Hustle!

Georgie: What happened as a direct result of you speaking at the Get Shit Done Summit? Did you gain new partnerships? Were more people introduced to your products/services? Did you make any sales? Etc

Sheena: I was able to meet some wonderful people. I still stay in contact with a few.

Georgie: Update us on your Get Shit Done Status! What you are working on? What have you failed at? What are your plans for 2017 to Get Shit Done?

Sheena: I am still working on my second startup, CapWay. Our beta app was released February 2017.

Georgie: How can people find you and Capway? Website + Links *


Georgie: thank you so much for taking the time to do this followup interview! We look forward to seeing more of your work.

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