Less Dreaming, More Doing Masterclass

Nov 23, 2018 · 2 min read

The GSD Summit is technically over but my work has just begun. On December 6th I will be doing another online event, the Less Dreaming, More Doing Masterclass. This event is 100% Free and 100% online. From 8 pm — 9:30 pm EST I will be diving deep on how to get shit done. This masterclass will comprise of 4 sections.

  • Section 1: Start With Why which covers
    Finding your why, identifying a problem, Brainstorming ideas, and Finding your niche
  • Section 2: What’s it going to take?
    Creating a Solution, Unique Value Proposition, and building a Doer Execution Plan
  • Section 3: Validating
    Conducting Market Research and User Research/User testing
  • Section 4: Ready, Set Launch
    Building your MVP, Incorporating, Branding, 60 — Second Pitch, and Marketing

You will learn the foundations necessary to get your entrepreneurial journey started or accelerate your already started journey. Just be aware the adventure you are about to embark on will be one of perseverance, hard work, and dedication. The knowledge you will receive, the things you will build and the people you will meet will submerge you. You will feel every emotion possible at an all-time high; happiness, fear, joy, anger, surprise, gratitude and much more. This will be the ride of your life because once you activate the entrepreneur within, you will always be an entrepreneur. Are you ready? Because I think you are!

Register at http://www.gsdwithgeorgie.com/masterclass


Written by

Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife,Creator. Twitter @GeorgieBeHumble, Catch me making moves at GSDwithgeorgie.com. Create value & you shall live forever

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