My No Jar!

The No Jar Challenge

For the month of October I decided to try a new method in my lifestyle.
I created a “No” Jar!

What is a No jar?

I created a list of things that I cannot do this month. The list is as followed:

No chicken
No beef
No goat
No pork
No turkey
No coffee
No soda
No candy
No sex
No panic attacks

Yea I know the list is pretty interesting.

How does the No jar work?

If I do anything on my no list then I have to put a dollar and a reason why I did the “No” in the no jar.

What’s the point of this?

I just wanted to test myself, my limits, and self-control!

I want to challenge everyone to start their own no jar!

Your list doesn’t have to be super long. Just make a list of things that you think it will be good ideas to stop. Plus this will be fun!

Will my No jar be full on November 1st? Or empty?

I will give updates of my No jar status once a week all this month. And on November 1st I am going to make a video explaining the results of No Jar!

Wish me luck guys thanks

If you do participate in the No Jar Challenge the use my hash tag #TheNoJar

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