#LetsTalkAboutIt Submissions

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Image via the New Yorker

We are cultivating this issue because we are fed up of talking about the things we should be talking about. We want and need to be exploring the unbidden, the forbidden and the previously hidden. Unlike Goldilocks, we do not seek the stories that are just right.

Throughout our #LetsTalkAboutIt issue, we will be going against the grain and relaying to you our innermost frustrations. As Angela Carter says ‘we were wayward girls and now we are wicked women’, so let’s play a game of truth or dare.

In conjunction with this issue, and in a bid to get conversation rushing, we are daring you, our readers, to submit content that makes you mad, that breaks the normalcy of social boundaries, because after all, who put them there in the first place? We want you to express yourself through any medium, whether that’s an image or a message, pixels or print, now is not the time to hide behind your screen. Now is the time to do, so #LetsTalkAboutIt.

The specification of entries are as follows:

All entries must be by those over the age of 16, with parental consent required for those up to 16
Written requirements must be a minimum of 150 words and maximum of 750
Submissions will be chosen by the editorial team under discretion
Only grammatical errors will be edited
We can anonymise entries if you desire (please specify)
We will only accept email submissions. Images must be scanned/photographed. Send entries into info@xxymagazine.com
There is no genre or topic censorship, this issue aims to discuss anything and everything
This is an unpaid role
The deadline for submissions is 10th November 2015

Originally published at www.xxymagazine.com on October 15, 2015.