Have you met Adam …..?

Adam Foster from Ladbrokes steps up to answer 10 questions and covers everything from Javascript to MVP and Netflix and IPos

  1. What is your current title/company?

Senior Developer Team Lead at Ladbrokes Digital

2) Other than Brisbane where else have you lived?

Leeds, West Yorkshire for a few months and London for a few years.

3) So far, what’s been your most embarrassing career moment?

Leaving a good job for dud company. A while ago, I was woo’d to come work at a startup who worked me to the bone, and in the end their project fell apart, people departed the company very quickly, myself included. I was 90% happy with their offer and the company. I should have been 100% happy or walked away and maybe I’d have a few less grey hairs today. I was embarrassed at myself, that I didn’t assess the situation better at the time. Experience is a wonderful teacher.

4) Which current tech company do you wish you’d founded?

LinkedIn. It’s fantastic concept with a real market demand, serviced by such a terrible product that’s painful to use in so many ways. It worked well enough to get them to IPO, but it’s not a great product. I would have done it differently.

5) What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Actions speak louder than words. Ambition is a wonderful thing, but execution is better and it needs to happen today. I meet a person every week who’s “going” to create this app or “plans” to have their own business “one day”, but without something to show, you’re just another person talking about things that may never happen. Start today, so you’ve got something to show tomorrow, because you could be dead next week. It doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning, you just need to go to market with your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and once you’ve made you’re first $100k, then you can start building towards perfection.

6) What tech are you currently focusing your efforts on?

JavaScript. It’s the future for front end and back end of the web, and already running countless hardware devices, which will only continue to grow.

7) What is your hidden skill/talent that not many people know about?

My kids think I’m pretty funny, it must be all the dad jokes.

8) What is your best tip on an up and coming tech company we should be looking at?

They’re not upcoming, but Facebook. If you haven’t bought shares, then buy them. They’re not bigger than Google right now, but they will be. Facebook have nailed social and really understand how people consume and create content through sharing. Their latest partnership with publishers to push instant articles is another step towards Facebook’s own private internet.

9) What is the biggest problem facing digital media in QLD right now?

Our leaders who are out of touch, misinformed and make decisions on bad data. We’re lead by a Government who won’t take the idea of teaching coding in schools seriously, and dictate that 25mbps internet is adequate for the average household for the next 20 years, when the introduction of Netflix has brought Australian Internet to its knees. Instead of digging up resources out of the ground, we should be securing our future through focusing on building startups as well as building upon gains made in Biotech.

10) List the top three misconceptions that people often have about your job, and why.

The things I’ve heard are:
- Can you be cheaper?
- Why does it take so long to build my business idea?
- Why doesn’t it just work?

Why you hear these assumptions is likely because we hear about new startups coming along all the time, so it’s easy to overlook that even a small product takes a lot of time to build with with help of very skilled people. Nothing good comes easy.

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