Have you met Jason …. ?

Jason is the CEO Private Media ( publisher of digital titles including Crikey, SmartCompany, Property Observer and Women’s Agenda) Proud Husband and Dad, Hack Golfer and he can code too ! Twitter

  1. What is your current title/company?

CEO, Private Media Pty Ltd

2. Where have you lived other than Brisbane?

Sydney and Melbourne

3. What has been your most embarrassing career moment?


4. Which current tech company do you wish you’d founded?

Facebook, Had a tour of their campus and the work environment and culture are fantastic, actually practice what they preach, not all skateboards and bean bags.

5. What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Find a great mentor and act like a sponge

6. What tech are you currently focusing your efforts on?

Publishing Platforms, Mobile and Video

7. What is your hidden skill/talent that not many people know about?

I can code, just.

8. What is your best tip on an up and coming tech company we should be looking at?

Inkl, startup media technology firm from Melbourne, great idea and some very switched on people leading it.

9. What is the biggest problem facing digital media in QLD right now?

Speaking from Melbourne it would be the lack of critical mass in terms of agencies and clients, However Brisbane has a very unique scene and the digital people tend to be quite entrepreneurial.

10. List the top three misconceptions that people often have about your job, and why.

Its plane sailing at the top. its not.

You can do the job in 40 hours a week.

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