Have you met Jen ….?

Jen Sale of Domain Guardians steps up for 10 questions and we discover her entrepreneurial tenacity and that she can’t fix your printer ;)

  1. What is your current title/company?

Co-founder at Domain Guardians/Consultant.

2. Where have you lived other than Brisbane?

Bribie Island, Gold Coast, Townsville.

3. What has been your most embarrassing career moment?

Developing an innovative product with a very talented team for over a year, that ultimately never saw the light of day, post-soft launch.

4. Which current tech company do you wish you’d founded?


5. What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Five years ago, our startup was just an idea, so if I knew what I know now, I’d tell myself to: surround yourself with good people, dreams do come true — with hard work and long hours (plus weekends!), and there will always be people that tell you ‘that’s a bad idea’ — ignore them. If I had my hands on a Grays Sports Almanac, I would’ve made good use of that too!

6. What tech are you currently focusing your efforts on?

Domain brokering and portfolio management, online product and business development — I’m currently developing a tool for developers with an amazing group of people.

7. What is your hidden skill/talent that not many people know about?

Graphic design.

8. What is your best tip on an up and coming tech company we should be looking at?

It’s difficult to choose one company. But in terms of tech as a whole, I think apps are interesting — I believe they have only scratched the surface of opportunity based on how gen. Z interact with technology/devices.

9. What is the biggest problem facing digital media in QLD right now?

Experience — in my humble opinion, QLD’s digital industry is still in its infancy.

10. List the top three misconceptions that people often have about your job, and why.

1. Domainers are “cybersquatters”. Cybersquatters register/acquire/monetise/sell domains that infringe upon existing trademarks/brands. Domainers invest in premium, generic, category-defining or brandable domain names.

2. Many people think they have a “right” to acquire premium domains for registration price. Unfortunately the majority of end-users don’t understand the value of premium domain names, so it’s often our job as domain brokers to educate them on this.

3. My Mum thinks I can fix her computer and printer. I can’t.

Jen Sale on Linkedin

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