Have you met Brenden from Andzen

Anyone need a 35mm film projectionist ? didn’t think so ;) So it was a great move for Brenden (and Brisbane) that he decided to launch Andzen. Brenden also continues the theme of Brisbane digital having UK connections.

  1. What is your current title/company?

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Andzen

2. Other than Brisbane where else have you lived?

Melbourne, London and Woking in Surrey, UK

3. So far, what’s been your most embarrassing career moment?

Hitting reply instead of forward on a email when I was much younger.

4. Which current tech company do you wish you’d founded?

Tesla for sure. Elon Musk is a legend and is saving our planet.

5. What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Always, always, trust your gut instinct. Don’t listen to no. This world was built by people just like you!

6. What tech are you currently focusing your efforts on?

We’re currently a digital agency so the usual stack of HTML, CSS, JS and PHP is our bread and butter. I can see ourselves getting more and more into JS and Java in the future however as we turn to productise.

7. What is your hidden skill/talent that not many people know about?

I used to be a cinema projectionist and can run old 35mm film projectors.

8. What is your best tip on an up and coming tech company we should be looking at?

Up and coming in Australia at least. Nest labs. The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be massive and genuinely change the way we live our lives. You thought Uber was cool. Wait until you no longer carry keys, your plants water themselves when they need to and your dog has a proximity fitness tracker.

9. What is the biggest problem facing digital media in QLD right now?

Risk aversion. As far as we’ve come in recent years I still think we’re afraid to roll the dice and see what can happen. This is where greatness comes from.

10. List the top three misconceptions that people often have about your job, and why.

It’s easy. Running at startup is hard work. It’s great that more people are getting into the “scene” but at the end of the day, startups are businesses, and with that comes a tonne of responsibility. Responsibility to your staff, to your board, to your investors and of course, to your customers.

You can find Brenden on Linkedin here

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