Bounce Rates and the Connection to Relationship Building

Bounce rates are a great way to determine how well you are building relationships with your audience. How you may ask? Well let’s begin with an explanation of bounce rates. A bounce is any time someone visits your website and doesn’t check out any other content. They don’t click any internal links and they don’t consume or engage with any other content on the website. They just came and left.

Most websites see an average bounce rate of 45%. A bad bounce rate is anything over 60% and an “exceptional” website is below 30%. Why does any of this matter? Because bounce rate is an indication of how interesting your website is to readers. If people are coming to your website and they aren’t checking out any additional content, that’s a pretty good indication that your site doesn’t have much to offer that person. It’s pretty difficult to build a lasting relationship with someone when you don’t have anything to offer in return!

You see, content is a great way to build relationships. People are constantly looking for things that entertain, inspire, educate or inform them. By creating content that suits those needs, you are offering your readers value. When you offer your readers valuable information, you begin to develop a trusting relationship with them. As you continue to nurture this relationship with additional content, the relationship grows and they begin following your brands and telling their friends about you. Now you’re building lasting relationships. In turn, you gain loyal customers who are more likely to convert once they enter a buying cycle.

All that said, we can now see how bounce rates can be an indicator of relationship building. If people are bouncing from your site at a high percentage, that should tell you that your website is not offering them any value. If that’s the case, you need to begin developing “sticky” content that will keep them engaged with your website and brands. The less they bounce, the more “valuable” information they consume and the more likely that they are going to trust and follow you.

It is important to mention that landing pages tend to see a higher bounce rate than average. That’s because the goal of most landing pages is to encourage readers to make a specific call-to-action. If your goal is to get consumers to do one single thing, that’s great. Encourage them to fill out that form or purchase your widget. But if you want to develop lasting relationships and gain lifetime value from that customer as opposed to a “hit it and quit it” strategy then start taking a look at bounce rates.

If you’re keeping your customers engaged with your website content and bounce rates are low, you’re winning and building lasting relationships with your customers. If you’re seeing high bounce rates, however, it’s time to start re-thinking your online marketing strategy and begin delivering valuable content to your audience. Offer your readers value and they will remain loyal. A loyal customer is one who sticks around!