I Am Not A“Sound Guy”: A Woman’s Opinion On Audio Culture

It is sad to think such discrimination exists, and re the r/gameaudio comments please do bear in mind that adult males who spend most of their time making and playing childrens games are very likely to be emotionally stunted, so please don’t lose any sleep over them — they may well never even reach emotional puberty let along become adults. (This was sadly even more apparent with the appalling gamergate behaviour, seriously do those people not have mothers, sisters, friends or ethics, morals, empathy or even a basic functioning brain? It would seem not)

In the film industry there are some fantastic women working at all levels, doing not only excellent work but also expressing ideas that no male likely ever would or could. We are all the richer for their (& your) contribution, and any creative open minded person (regardless of gender) could not but help know this intrinsically & be supportive & encouraging. Seek out those people. And while not all men are dicks, many are. Unfortunately a lot of them aren’t even aware of their own behaviour, sense of entitlement or how ‘their’ environment could possibly be unpleasant (or downright dangerous) to women.

My only advice is to stay strong, and surround yourself with allies who aren’t frightened little boys.