I’m not the Democratic party, I’m not even a Democrat.
Caleb Ramsby

I am not a genius of any kind. My suggestion is simple: What if the problems besetting the Black community in the U.S in the year 2016, has nothing,or little to do, with the fiction of “structural racism”, or capitalism. What then?

The Democratic party is a tool of world socialism at this stage. They cannot offer any solution outside of that parameter. Only through that route can they move us deeper and deeper into social fascism (what they call socialism). If “structural” changes are the only antidote to racism and capitalist exploitation- then the only solution is socialism: the restructuring of society. Socialism is, above all else, an engineering project, whose objective is the engineering of humanity by a tiny far less than 1% elite. But no population willingly cooperates with their own re-engineering! Stalin realized this, as did Hitler and Mussolini. Fascism, call it what you will, is the only final stag possiblee- socialism can’t go anywhere else.

So the process of “by whatever means necessary” includes duping the population into accepting the emerging authority. This is what our university students are being “educated” to do already. Accept, without question, the narrative of the commissars, or whatever is the “PC” response to any question whatsoever.

If the Black community benefits from this process, great. If they don’t (and they are clearly not), that is immaterial. Every democrat holding any kind of political office has to be aware of the simple fact that the school systems in the “inner cities” are completely dysfunctional. The unions have to know this. So why does the party and the unions persist in calling for more of the exact same process that led to the catastrophe?

What do you think? I don’t really know- exactly. But I have to at least assume that in their (the leaders of he party)mind, things are working just fine- right? Either that, or they are imbeciles. So they know they are creating a catastrophe, and they are nonetheless perpetuating more of it.

I don’t know- what do you think?

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