I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

What?? This article pretends to be about truth and accuracy in journalism- it is actually about one thing and one thing only: moving our society deeper into fascist socialism. Notice that the hand wringing is about Hilary’s loss- what?? She needed to lose, for the sake of the country that was not a bad thing!! This article pretends to be about fairness and truth- that itself is a lie, it is not.

You don’t get it- it is precisely the liberals who abused Facebook, and any Trump supporters KNOW this because we all had to “face” it every single day, and we’re facing it again with this article.

The endless “racist” memes for any party that goes against the liberal fascist is exactly what this election should be telling us all: the liberal fascist memes have to STOP. This article is seeking to refine Facebook’s liberal bias so that it is even more effective, so that next time, YOUR candidate will win. WTF????

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