White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

Wow Mr Dennis,

You are sounding like a caricature of the Fascist Left. Your argument is simple isn’t it? SHUT THEM UP.

That’s what you came away with. SHUT THEM UP. Like your fascist colleague Rye- she “schooled” who?? You hear what you want to hear, and it is so redundant the rest of the nation is finally seeing through you both. Rye has to reach back to Jim Crow in order to avoid talking about anything substantial concerning the resounding defeat of the Democrats: she conjures “voter suppression”. She could not possibly conceive that far from voter suppression, more people voted than ever including Demo’s who changed over! That is so far from her repertoire of political cliches that she can’t even address it.

But you are just as bad if not worse. Many black people- not you, but just as black as you- believe that Black Lies Matter is just that: founded upon a lie and supported by professional “activists” paid for by your party and enabled by the universities. Black people kill black people at “Black Lives Matter” protests- what a farce!! You can’t IMAGINE that you could be wrong….it’s beyond your intellectual capacity. You, and Rye, have both invested your professional and personal careers in black victimization in the name of furthering the nation’s movement towards socialism. Don’t deny it. You wouldn’t have a job here, or anywhere else on the Left, if you weren’t promoting socialism as a solution to whatever victimizations you are highlighting.

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