Ludwig Responds to Whole Health Source Article
Dr. David Ludwig

One way to evaluate the strength of a model is to arrive at the same conclusion from a different path. Guynet seems to hang his hat on the idea that palatable foods lead to overeating, thus the CICO model is preserved. Implicit in this model is the concept of willpower. It is harder to resist (hyper-)palatable food, thus our willpower to stop eating is compromised. This seems pretty self-evident to anyone who hasn’t lived in a cave for their entire life. It’s much easier to overeat potato chips than raw potatoes. But why? What depletes our willpower to resist tasty foods? Is it simply the triggering of the brain’s pleasure centers that chips away our willpower? How does a high-GI diet fit into the model of willpower from a psychologist’s standpoint? The answer was surprising when I discovered it.

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