Simple truth about reacting to chitchatting

Most of us, or, let’s be honest, everyone of us has at least once encountered a situation when you were being judged, criticized or gossiped about. This could be just innocent talks in the corners behind your back which you wouldn’t ever recognize and pay attention to, or conversely dirty chitchatting about your private life, your actions, your behavior, your past mistakes…

The list of the topics is endless in the minds of starving gossipers. Still, it’s all about how we react to this sort of provocative buzz spread around us.

Handling this thing is almost never easy. In fact, your ability to respond properly depends on your stress management level, because any public interference into your private life brings certain amount of stress, there’s no deny. You start desperately thinking of how deep they might dig into your secrets which were never supposed to be made a public talk; how many people will know what you’ve probably been hiding or what was simply too personal to share; how foolish you were to once trust a person who is now the one responsible for revealing the things he knows about you.

I personally have gone through stuff like that. Although I have always been a person who does not give a heck about what people think or say about me, there was time when I had to face a totally irrational and inexplicable splash of gossips, where half of the story that the random people appeared to know was nowhere near truth.

I just started analyzing the cause and effect side of what happened. And here’s what you need to know, whenever in your life you would have to tackle with the situation of being the object of sleazy rumours.

People will always talk and judge. It’s inevitable.

Yes, simple as that. No matter what you do, how you do it, how you dress up, how you talk , whatever— there will always be someone out there ready to say a nasty word about you. People mainly criticize because they don’t understand and simply because your vision of life doesn’t comply with that of theirs. Some will make fun of you (sometimes even publicly) in their aim to let you down. The questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. What do they get from all this chattering?
  2. Why are they so busy gossiping about your life?

Are they trying to increase their feeling of self-sufficiency and confidence? Certainly yes. Otherwise they would have lived happily and in harmony with the world. Do they have anything extraordinary in their own life that would make them focus on their path rather than the one of others? Doubt they do.

The thing is, just be authentic. Be yourself no matter what. Don’t be afraid that other people will judge you only by rumors they hear — they won’t, because normally people will take an attempt to get to know you and only then form an opinion. Keep doing whatever makes you happy. Don’t ever take rumors too seriously because babbling behind your back is just not worth your attention.