Dribble Shoot Score

Today I met a mini celebrity on Marquette’s campus. He said he was a shooting guard for something called basketball.

Meet John Dawson.

I chuckled when he said he was far from home. He said he calls New Mexico home. I said I call another galaxy home. He wouldn’t stop talking about the person who means the most to him, his sister.

He lives, eats and breathes this thing called basketball. I asked if he could teach me. John just laughed. He kept talking about his purpose in life. He wants to bring people together. He wants to make a difference. John wants to make people smile.

He is fearless. He was not afraid of me. When I asked him why, he simply responded saying “Just because you look different does not mean I should be afraid.”

It is hard to come across someone who values their family as much as John Dawson. Being one of nine children he grew up around a support system and moved thousands of miles away from home to achieve his dreams.

He does not understand why everyone is always in such a hurry. I kept getting knocked by all these humans and he kept apologizing for them. Why not take the time to wake up a little earlier to ensure you are not in a hurry? Why not take the time to do the things you enjoy? John Dawson said he always pondered these questions.

He ended up here because Marquette welcomed him to be part of the team with a scholarship, but he is now apart of this Marquette community I landed on. John Dawson told me I should get going before my spaceship gets a parking ticket but I left knowing he is going to make someones day today.

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