I would assume most men (and women) raised in religious families are internally burdened by sexual…
Brendon Carpenter

As an ex-Mormon woman, I think I escaped most of the shame of sex by being overlooked entirely as a sexual subject and treated only as an object. No one talks to Mormon girls about the evils of masturbating, or says much about thinking dirty thoughts. Most of the dialogue surrounding female sexual purity has to do with preventing men from seeing us as sexual creatures and being tempted. So when I decided to shed Mormonism and claim my own sexual agency, it was practically fresh territory with very little guilt attached. The main challenge I’ve dealt with is viewing pleasure largely through the lens of the man enjoying me. I have a hard time claiming responsibility for my own desire, which leaves me a bit lost when his urges flag, I’m not actively pursuing my own satisfaction and don’t necessarily feel the need to, but end up feeling very frustrated all the same.

Side note: it’s incredible to me when people with zero experience with an aspect of your life try to tell you that you’re lying or misrepresenting that aspect. Similar thing happened to me when I wrote a short screenplay dealing with Mormons and a non-Mormon producer rejected it because she didn’t find it realistic enough. Where do you get off…? Lol

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