To MRAs, Anti-Feminists, and White Supremacists: A Clarification

Shhhh. Just shhh.

What you hear:

“Because you are white/male/economically privileged, even if you have something valuable to say, or your specific view of this situation is useful, you should shut up about it. It is now the turn of everybody else to be in charge and now YOU get to be oppressed! MWAHAHAHA!”

What is actually being said:

“The (well-off) white (male) story is THE MOST TOLD STORY. It is given the most coverage, the most multifaceted, nuanced, in-depth portrayal of “what it is to be x” out of any given x, where x is a group of people, period.

I don’t need to hear your story, NOT because the perspective of someone like you isn’t important, but because I KNOW IT ALREADY!

I’ve been forced to relate to your experience since birth. The actions of your ancestors and people like you have been, and continue to be justified, sympathized with, and explained to me around every corner. When your body is wounded, when your desires and freedoms and spaces (and property) are violated, when your peace is disrupted, I and everyone else around me are trained to be indignant, demand that forces be mobilized in your aid, and in general, we are supposed to care.

Not only that, but I have been subjected since birth to your explanations of why I deserve my suffering, how it will actually benefit me in the long run, toughen me up and such, how my powerlessness is an accurate reflection of what I have to offer the world, how it was vital to the making of everything good that now exists, and totally unrelated to everything bad that now exists, that you and those like you and those who came before you overtake me and those like me, overcome me, ignore my desires, push me aside, lie to me, steal from me, destroy me.

How I am so much more valuable to the world as a subject to people like you than I ever could be as an agent of my own potential and my desires. It has been explained to me a million times, in a million ways, why my lived experience becomes meaningless when compared to The Benefits Of Your Conquest Which Are Objectively Good For Everyone, Even Me, Whether I Like it Or Not.

If you’ll look around you at the news, at movies, at novels, at the way history was explained to you, at the way you were educated, at the way people talk about justice, for whom, and why, you can easily verify this for yourself.

So maybe you could stop trying to enlighten me about what your shoes feel like, and start trying to put yourself in mine. For once.”