Both letters are used to attract HR and convince him that you are the right candidate for the application and should call you for an interview. We will tell you when a suitable motivation letter is suitable for your CV, when a cover letter is enough.

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Motivation letter

If your employer requires you to send a motivation letter, you should definitely do so as part of your job application. Not all positions require a motivation letter. This is mostly a key and administrative task for you and the HR in order to get the position. However, it is…

Are you searching for a job and it takes centuries? How many times have you rewritten your resume? What to write in your resume to attract HR? Right questions? Maybe you are missing what would set you apart from the competition.

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A structured professional CV is a strict document. It does not use full sentences, it informs you quickly, concisely, and accurately about your education, experience, and skills. It also has the exact form that must be followed. You can separate each sequence with a solid line for clarity.

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The main part of a structured professional CV

Is your resume interesting enough to attract the right people? You need to contact a potential employer with your CV, so your professional CV should be factual, concise, and, above all, structured. Don’t know how to do it? We will advise you on how to write a resume that will speak for you.

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An honest resume is not only your ticket to the dream job but also a document that indirectly tells something about your character and personality. If you decide to write a resume full of meaningless phrases, with grammatical errors, you reduce your chances of success. Just follow these five tips and your resume can be the reason for your dream career!

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1. Follow the structure of your CV

The primary purpose of a resume is to introduce, who you are, what you know, and what you have achieved in life (of course, state only the information that interests a particular employer). The most ideal choice is a structured CV, as its brevity and conciseness are exactly the features…

So how to make him miss you? Guys are thinking “simple”, and if you complicate things too much, they will not understand or just ignore it. Whether you need to help with the household, go on a trip, or buy a handbag that you so desire, skip any complaints, screaming, crying, and similar child matters. This is really not the wat how to make your boyfriend miss you, but the opposite.

Make him miss you
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1. Don’t tell him, ask

Even you don’t like it when someone tells you what to do, it is the same with guys. If you try to give them orders, in 99% of cases it will be a disaster. The…

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