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Gerry Cauley is the Principal Consultant and Head of Strategy and Planning Practice at Siemens Energy Business Advisory in Fairfax, VA. He focuses on integrating emerging technologies that include renewables, distributed energy resources, and digital technologies.

Cauley’s team works tirelessly to anticipate extreme risk events that threaten to hinder energy companies and shares his expertise on mitigation, resilience and compliance issues.

The consultant helped initiate a new program at Siemens to perform North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance services for power plants under Siemens’ operating and maintenance contracts.

NERC is a federally recognized electric reliability firm, tasked with developing…

Gerry Cauley is no stranger to high-risk scenarios that demand effective mitigation strategies. As a Principal Consultant in the Energy Business Advisory Group at industrial manufacturing giant, Siemens, his work centers around the integration of emerging technologies including renewables, distributed energy resources, and digital technologies.

Cauley also helps energy companies create a holistic mitigation plan in cases of extreme risks, and oversees resilience and cybersecurity issues. Using a wealth of expertise, Cauley helps posture these companies to embrace risk mitigation approaches and advanced technologies in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

What are the primary challenges facing the modern-day energy enterprise…

Prevention of catastrophic events is not always feasible, but when it comes to energy and electrical resources, Gerry Cauley of Siemens Energy Business Advisory is busy developing ways to plan for better grid resilience and the ability to recover from such events.

In July of this year, Gerry Cauley participated in the first of six meetings with Hawai’i Electric and their stakeholders to develop resilience inputs to the planning of their future power grid. …

The Institution for Electric Innovation (IEI) recently held a meeting in Philadelphia, PA, where they invited top executives and leadership from technology and power companies to participate in their annual roundtable.

Institution for Electric Innovation’s members represents 70% of the U.S. electric and power sector. Gerry Cauley, Principal Consultant in the Pace Global — Energy Business Advisory group within Siemens, was pleased to be in attendance for this roundtable discussion.

Among the agenda was the discussion of digitalization. Gerry Cauley’s company played a leading role developing underground distribution network automation for a Northeast utility to minimize the impacts of severe…

Gerry Cauley is a Principal Consultant in the Pace Global — Energy Business Advisory group within Siemens. Recently, he was named Head of the Strategy and Planning Practice.

Siemens Energy Business Advisory partners with organizations to help them achieve energy transition and leverage the opportunities that digitalization provides. Their goal is to create sustainable value for businesses and society.

Siemens Energy Business Advisory helps organizations select strategies to manage risk, evaluate asset transactions, and integrate digital solutions and renewable energy into the grid.

Mr. Cauley has 38 years of industry experience. Before joining Siemens, Mr. Cauley served in Guyana, South…

Gerry Cauley

Gerry Cauley is a Principal Consultant in the Pace Global

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