Giving AC a different meaning

Yes, this is another post about GLOW

Year one — I was a camper, taking the first steps of this amazing adventure. I had no expectations and, thankfully, not many fears. I took a leap of faith and ended up with a home — a place I can always come back to.

Year two — now a JC, I thought that I knew what to expect, but as it turns out — I had yet to learn more. And standing on the other side — a leader, a trainer a role model — it was exhilarating. Оne of the proudest moments of my life will always be seeing MY former (very shy and anxious) camper carrying out her own session in front of 30 girls and doing it like a professional. Knowing that you helped someone grow is absolutely precious and I am so glad I experienced that (among many other great things) as a JC.

We’ve come to year three. When LA GLOW 2016 wrapped up and my time as a JC was over, I was invited to join the sustainability team as the Video Designer, which made me an AC during LA GLOW 2017. I am the first person ever to be invited to join the sustainability team without being a C first (which is the step after JC), so you can imagine how low my chin dropped when I got the email. I was baffled! And honoured, AND very excited that the adventure wasn’t ending. But rather resuming right away!

I just deleted half a page of recap of my work before the academy, because I realised none of that matters. Every found-raising event, every poster, video, presentation, or whatever is made for one single purpose — to make a young girl believe in herself.

This year’s article is going to be brief, because I’m not going to share my experience. I’m not going to bore you with the details. Instead, I’ll share something more important: why I keep coming back.

There’s something about GLOW that keeps you wanting more. We describe it as the glow spirit. No, this is not a weird one true God thing or a custom alcoholic beverage. It’s the feeling the Academy leaves with you if you manage to get the best out of it. And while it has nothing to do with religion, it has everything to do with faith. It’s about believing in yourself and in your dreams.

GLOW creates this support system of people who push you forward. People who support and understand your ambition, because they feel likewise.

Dream big when you sleep and bigger when you wake

GLOW helped me believe in those words. And anytime someone has doubted me and my abilities I’ve proven them wrong. I stand up for what I believe in, which means I stand up for myself among other things. I’ve always been a dreamer, but the pragmatism of life often directs us to paths paved by others. Whether it represents the easy way or the more practical way, or the more fortunate one. But building your own path can be far more rewarding in the long run — both financially AND otherwise. All great people have one thing in common — they follow their own vision, they don’t conform. And neither should you, because chances are — you’ve only got one shot at life. So, don’t screw it up.

Truth is, every dream can be a goal as long as you are S.M.A.R.T. enough. And, well, when it comes to the latter — GLOW has got me covered.