The Good, the Bad and the matter of view

Today in class we studied a famous Bulgarian poem “Gergana” (“Izvorut na Belonogata”) written in 1873 by the Bulgarian poet Petko Slaveykov. It is about this beautiful young girl, who is named Gergana. (No, I am not named after her, it’s just a popular name in my country). While going to get water a vezier tries to persuade her to come with him to Istanbul. They have a “verbal duel” in which Gergana shows her courage, patriotism, true love and christian faith (I am not sure about the last one, but the teacher advocates (for) that, so….).

Yes, yes and no, no!

Those were the exact words my teacher used to describe the Bulgarian way of thinking back in the day. She explained herself saying: there are no shades of grey, everything is black and white (sorry Christian).

People knew what good was and they strived towards it! *passionately looking in the distance and waiting for applause* *insert cricket sound here*

I live for the applause, applause, applause… sorry, I got distracted. Anyway! I disagree (as always). *Duck as the teacher throws a cross at me*. I do understand that there are some things that are obviously good and others that ore obviously bad, but it is not all black and white. There is yellow, magenta, RGB etc…

We, the humans, are so complicated. We live in a word so intricate. Imagine how long it would take to list all the different gender identities, sexualities, races, political preferences, food preferences, color preferences, language preferences, a whole lot of other preferences, which you don’t really care about. It’s a colourful world, why make it seem less so. And please don’t make this into a religious thing (I know my class teacher would), saying that our body is just a vessel for our soul, and that this life is just a way to prove we are worthy of heaven. Sure, sure… Whatever, your vessel still deserves to see the raindow (taste the rainbow).

In society there is also this thing called law. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And sometimes guilty people walk. And sometimes innocent people go to jail. Life is full of injustice. But it is also full of beauty. Like the beauty of nature, which is so much like a woman, she is beautiful, compelling… and then she get’s her period, and the storms come! Ok, not the best comparison. We all know women are more formidable.

The conclusion, said in the words of the GREAT musician Louis Armstrong: “It’s a wonderful world”. Indeed I sang that with my deepest voice. The Earth, though often taken for granted, deserves have its colours noticed. I love black and white, but if everything were so, it would just be a tedious, irksome life, which I personally, wouldn’t want to be a part of.

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