Keep calm and GLOW on

My lovely team (team 5)

I sincerely hope that I make a tradition of these posts. This year I was a junior counsellor (JC) at Leadership Academy GLOW. I decided to join the team and apply for a position as a JC, because I needed to feel the GLOW hype again. The truth is, GLOW caries this amazing, unexplainable energy that fills you up every single time! I felt it as a camper, I felt it again this year.

It is a very different experience — being a JC, compared to being a camper. You get a pretty fast-paced day. You get a lot less sleep. A quicker dinner. A lot more efford. But at the end of the day I would do it over and over again. Sure, I made a few mistakes, but I learned from them. And I had the support of a whole team to deal with them and push trough in order to create the best experience for this year’s campers. I hope we achieved that. I hope the tears and smiles on the camper’s faces when they were leaving is confirmation enough.

GLOW is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It’s incredible and one of a kind. This year there were alumnae talking about their GLOWing experiences and hearing their speeches brought tears to my eyes. It was the last day of camp, I was standing next to the most amazing team I could hope for. My eyes kept gazing across the chairs filled with campers, who were about the become alumni themselves. I looked to my left, where one of my friends was already crying.

The one thing all the speeches confirmed was that GLOW just stays with you. And the emotions it brings can be described in a million words. To me one is more than enough. In my eyes GLOW is and always will be home.

Home, because I’m surrounded by love and support.

Home, because it’s a place I can come back to.

Home, because I feel safe to be myself.

I will be waiting impatiently again this year. Waiting for the staff applications, so I can apply for a position as counsellor (C) next year. As selfish as it might sound, it wasn’t enough to feel the GLOW hype only a second time.

P.S. I wrote a message and put it in the time capsule (to be opened in 2020). I told the future GLOW girls to keep the GLOW spirit. This unique energy that fills you up at your worst and keeps you moving forward. Because you are never alone and there are hundreds of people who believe in you and support you. Because too keep GLOWing, is to be your best self. And that’s all that matters.