On 8-Bit Freegan Salvia

I feel like you've probably hit peak hipster when your Lorem Ipsum filler text reads like this:

^Aka, peak hipster

I came across this when I was playing around with various templates on my Squarespace site and it reads like an SEO algorithm on steroids. Or maybe salvia.

It got me wondering where exactly the lorem ipsum text comes from anyway, and why it became so ubiquitous that the second I saw a variation (see above), I noticed it immediately.

Because realistically, no one is really supposed to read these things. But why those phrases of nonsense Latin specifically, and why in this case did it change?

Is it that everyone else changed their lorem ipsum text to whatever their individual hearts desire and I'm just the one who's behind the times? Have I become... *gasp*... a square?

“Loljk, boo!” — Squarespace

Okay, maybe not. I remain in the loop for one more day!

But seriously, anyone with clues to the Lorem Ipsum mystery, feel free to enlighten yo' girl.