On Love (in the movies)

I watched About Time this afternoon. It’s a romance time travel story about a man (Domhnall Gleeson) who discovers when he turns 21 that the men in his family all have the ability to time travel.

It’s a genre film (fantasy-romance, to be precise)that somehow manages to pass on some very interesting ideas about the nature of love — both familial and romantic — marriage, parenthood, and the nature of regret.

I’m keeping track of the films I watch this year by blogging reviews of the ones that stand out to me. This is what I had to say about this one:

“In the end, it’s less about the idea of using time travel to procure romance and more about the strength of abiding love — between a father and son, between a brother and sister, and between loving couples who choose each other over and over again. And of course, it’s about the importance of living each day knowing that, for most of us, you really can’t go back and change it all — so you might as well live it right the first time around.”

Despite the fantastical premise, it manages to showcase some realistic depictions of the trial and error that goes into building strong, lasting relationships — without the benefit of time travel on your side.

I think I love movie romances because even though they tend to follow repetitive formulas and almost universally feature pale, thin, conventionally beautiful couples, they often tend to have a gem of truth in there.

Plus, it makes me feel better about real life romances when I can always go find a happy ending on Netflix. :)