Fall On Your Knees
Abby Norman

Exquisitely written.

Falling snow does indeed make a sound.

Many years, back in the flow of time, I decided to take a solo backpacking trip in snowy winter. As a challenge or perhaps an escape.

The first two days were devoid of snow. But the second night had the feel of impending snow as I bedded down.

Middle of the night I suddenly was awakened. What was it? I quickly took stock: a bear coming to call? a small critter out of its burrow, foraging for scant resources?

Then I realized the fall of snow on my tent was what had awakened me! Many years gone from my northern growing up years, I eagerly zipped open the tent and shined a tiny flashlight on the majesty of freshly fallen snow!

Thanks for your beautifully written story that brought this to mind.

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