What Happened to The Case of The White Guy Who Killed a Bunch of People on October 1st?
Ezinne Ukoha


I find “justice seeker” a damn fine handle. I recognize, even as an old white male, and thanks to the writing by courageous folk like you, that the valence of the term — plus or minus — can be subjectively determined. Influenced by qualifying conditions such as race, gender, age, wealth and the list goes on.

“We the People…” The longer I live the easier it is to see the hypocrisy in the first three words of the Constitution of the United States. Even an army of justice seekers might not be able to right this ship of state. As some other folks’ POTUS looks more and more to the “great generals” that he wants to wallow with, a declaration of martial law seems a plausible result if the Orange One senses his own impending doom. Politically speaking of course.

I read a thought provoking hypothesis about the motivations of pale face Paddock. On October 9, a publication calling itself “The Hayride” (not exactly the usual “liberal media” source) did a piece based on the notions put forth by a fellow from a London think tank. Short version is that Paddock pulled off the monstrous act to put the focus on the outrageous lack of gun control in this country. I recall two (and likely forgot more…) separate topics the author raised: first, that the Second Amendment bears considerable scrutiny with the backdrop of 21st century life in the US and the litany of mass killings facilitated by our lax or non-existent gun control laws; second, that his ability to kill and injure so many people demonstrates the absurdity of concealed carry, college students bearing guns on campus and all the rest of the NRA mantra as a way to prevent gun violence. This of course occurred in an “open carry” state.

While it took a bit to wrap my head around the notion that any rational plan was served by the killings/woundings, I came to a position of not just categorically dismissing the notions all together.

Of course the closed case on this mass murderer doesn’t indicate to me that any deep pondering is likely to occur.

Sorry to have gotten more than a bit off topic.