Hallowed Ground

“Once again in admiration,

Without a bit of hesitation,

For you and the words you write.

On topics that are always current,

As if your words burst like a torrent,

By will or the flick of your pen?

Directed at all — red, yellow, black, white,

Propelled from darkness into the light,

To challenge the truth of our nature.

Do we harbor blind hatred,

For those that aren’t like us,

And spit out the venom it festers?

Or rise up in this hour,

And speak truth to power,

A challenge to our better angels.”

Pardon the amateurish attempt to express the regard in which I hold your work. Particularly the eloquence with which you speak to current human events.

While I used to comment on your work from time to time in my early Medium meandering, lately I’ve just read, hearted and continued on to others’ works.

Given this work’s topic, and the skill and force you mustered to address it, I felt compelled to offer some token of appreciation for this and your writing in general. And for the smidgeon of inspiration you provide me and undoubtedly others.

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