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While a clearly delineated entreaty to the choir, I believe our 140-Character In Chief and Master of Tweet Blather, Teflon Don II, and his minions would have lost their train of thought by the end of the first paragraph.

Coherent thoughts, deductive reasoning, the principle of laws all appear to be non-operative in Alt-Right World. A casual (awake/aware) observer can agree with your points regarding the rise in hate and violence in the new Trump World Order.

Sadly, to the inhabitants of this alternate universe, anything even remotely critical of their hero and savior is categorically dismissed as Fake News.

Where is the middle ground?

Short of a crisis of National and World proportions, imperiling the lives of all, I can’t conceive of the process by which the eyes and ears of extremists on both sides will become open to perceive and support the actions necessary to be taken for the common good.

I take little comfort in recognizing the onslaught against the planet and its citizens by the Mad Man in the Oval Office and his henchmen and how that could give rise to the crisis noted above.

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