Dystopian Breakfast

A short story by Gesualda DelMare

The Woman was taking her time every morning to prepare breakfast feast for her kids. First she would mix chestnut and nutty almond flour, eggs and aromatic vanilla sugar in a sweet viscous concoction , adding a pinch of cinnamon some orange peel, and sometimes rose water, then, when the mixture was smooth and liquid enough, she would poor it on a hot flat grill , preliminary distributing cooking oil using her grand mother’s trick of cutting a potato in half , dipping. it into cooking oil to evenly distribute just a small amount of it on the pan. She would serve it on plates made of fine porcelain , and the tea was served into beautiful porcelain cups, from a floral porcelain tea pot all inherited from her grand mother, who was from the Other Side. And she was thinking about her kids again. About her kids being so unadapted, so different, that she had to help them to conform so that they could pass unobserved in a crowd and no Social diversity officer. could spot anything suspicious. The social Officer in school was already suspecting something. He even suggested to send The Boy for the evaluation. She was afraid of evaluation, in case he doesn’t pass the test, they could take him into correction, and may be even exile him to the the Other Side. The Girl was safe for now, she was better in hiding than her brother. So breakfast preparation was the time when she would plan the day for her kids, instructing them how to behave in school, what to say and especially what not to say to Officers in case they start asking question..

Ever since they were born, she had to hide. She arranged two sets of toys ,one for the house when they were alone , and one for the time when other, normal kids came to visit and play. They also had two sets of clothes, and they were carefully instructed how to behave in public and when they could. be themselves behaving naturally. The Boy was the one who made her worry the most , everybody was already suspecting he was not like others. if left to himself and his natural ways, he would never fit in, never find his place in the world, he would be at best an outsider feared and loathed by others, may be even worse. May be they would send him to the other Side.

The Woman wasnt sure what normal was. But she knew, that. for this word they were terribly flawed, and she was determent to protect them from that world, because the Astrologist told her , that the New ruler was already born, and that he , was also not like everybody else, exactly like her little boy, and that when her children grow up, there would be a revolution a big uprising and that the world would be liberated. and people like her kids will be allowed to be themselves again. But for now she also had to learn to pretend and fake. She was born. different too and she. knew, there were others like her, but it was too. dangerous to come out yet, so she was waiting for better times, may be when it becomes clear The New ruler is here to turn everything around again.

The kids woke up, they came to the kitchen happy to have their morning treat before leaving for school where they would be given Raw Roaches snacks and. other. health department approved delights for properly diverse kids, she emptied Healthy Alges Solvent cans she was regularly buying in the supermarket into the sink, She was buying it so her uniformly progressive. neighbors could see her and stop suspecting her deviant life style. She was then proudly placing the empty Solvent bottles and cans. into trash recycling machine outside their cabin so everybody could see that they are a normal properly evolved family just like everybody else. She turned off the kitchen fan, she needed it to make sure delicious baking and frying scents was not felt by her neighbors. It was believed to be backward and dangerous for the society when woman engaged in sort of activities like baking or cooking. The was no need for these. activities. Every supermarket was selling perfectly engineered healthy and environmentally. friendly solvents for the whole family. As a new women of the modern world, She was called to dedicate. her life to something greater, like an important career for the benefit of the whole society, that is what the Great Liberation. Movement was fighting for, to give her freedom from. everything, push her beyond old soffocating boundaries. So she was pretending. to be free and liberated to stay safe, to have a job to buy Soysolvent and pay the dealer on the dark web for flour and butter for her beloved baking.

. She had to accompany kids to the school and then be back home. to keep writing articles for one very illuminating official online magazine she was a writer for. So she took boy’s toy sword away from him, picked a unicorn colored dress, out of the closet and helped him to pull it on;

“Remember stay quite”, she whispered to his ear. The Boy was already 10, and he still didn’t choose his diversity style, so she had to choose it for him . He was just a boy, too straight forward for the enlightened word, too brusque. They were saying he was simple , uninvolved and borderline violent He liked running and playing war, oh that was a dangerous game to play! They could send him away to the other side just for that!

Then she finished ironing. a pair of cargoes for The Girl, and packed her sports bag for her free style wrestling classes which most girls were attending in order to. show the society the. strength and power of progressive girls. Instead her Girl had golden locks and fragile frame and she didnt transmit even a bit of outward power , she was quite and ephemeral full of different kind of strength , the strength that was perceived as a weakness and backwardness by her evolved society. In order to conform,she had to try to come across as a proper. enlightened woman of her generation.

Kids were ready to go to school now. They need to be careful they need to be vigilant, to show that they conform, until the New Ruler of the World is here to liberate them from freedom, from the horror of the duty to be unitedly diverse.

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