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Jeremy Liew

I think the killer app for chatbots is not going to be conversational commerce. Rather it will be conversational personal assistants available in a chat with your friends to plan dinners, make reservations, provide directions, send reminders in group chats. Here’s a typical killer use case for conversational personal assistant in a group chat:

Here’s how I envision that use case with a bot called JEEVES.

ME: Hey have you guys watched Zootopia yet?

FRIEND 1: Nah I want to but didn’t have the time. I’m free tonight if you want to go.

FRIEND 2: Yeah count me in too

ME: JEEVES find us a movie theater close to us that’s playing Zootopia tonight.

JEEVES: There are 3 theaters close to all of you that’s playing Zootopia tonight. Theater 1 at (map)Location 1 is playing it at 9PM, Theater 2 at (map)Location 2 is playing it at 8:30PM, Theater 3 at (map)Location 3 is playing it at 10:PM

ME: you guys wanna get dinner before the movie?

FRIEND 1: Sure

FRIEND 2: Nah having dinner with GF’s parents today.

ME: JEEVES find us some chinese restaurants near Theater 3.

so on and so on.

JEEVES can then book tickets, make a reservation, put the event on calendars, send restaurant location to just the 2 people who agreed to have dinner, etc.