Chatbots — Igniting Division of Labour in AI
Pelumi Aboluwarin

You see the brilliance of a chat app that supports chat bots is that the chat app is the meta-bot. Over time the chat app will have enough information about how many users use a specific chat bot (ranking data), what queries are sent to those chat bots (query classification), what chatbots are available on it’s platform and what is their rating (Discovery), how chatbots need to communicate with user (control over communication standards, thus guiding bot development towards a bot-to-bot communication pattern). Now all the chat app has to do is use all that information and create a meta-bot. Facebook already has M and I am sure other chat apps have their own too.

How do you put in a layer between the chat app and the bots and address all the issues that a true meta-bot will need to address AND do it better than the chat app that has already been gathering all this data?

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