In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s becoming more and more evident that many companies suffer from a serious internal communication breakdown between their departments. A recent survey on employee well-being revealed that over 40% of employees in medium to large-sized organizations feel that there is a chronic communication problem in the business. In the same survey, it was revealed that 2 out of every 6 employees believe that communication and teamwork is completely absent from their companies.

How do we deal with this menace of dropped contact lines and misread messages? What are the steps we can take to tackle…

Here’s the scenario: You’re in a room filled with a diverse group of your colleagues. Different opinions are being thrown about. The loudest voices dominate the conversation. A hint of aggression creeps in and eventually explodes between two hot-heads at the foot of the table. Three colleagues haven’t had a chance to get a word in, while two haven’t even bothered to try. And at the end of the grueling, hour-long meeting, you’ve only managed to get two or three worthwhile sentences of information.

Does this seem all too familiar? You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s because of…

Square is easily known as one of the most innovative brands in the financial services industry. They’ve revolutionized consumers’ relationship with paying for goods and empowered millions of small businesses in the process. Within the product management profession, they are known for constantly hitting the accelerator on new product development while maintaining simple and beautiful design frameworks. At BigTeam, our design ethos has always been “smart enough for a small business” and we’re big fans of how Square has evolved its offerings while maintaining their modern and approachable design and user experience.

This is why we’re excited to bring another…

By BigTeam Editorial Staff

First off, do we think you should “survey” your coworkers and colleagues? Absolutely not.

Did we use the keyword “survey for internal feedback” to rank higher in google? You bet.

True, there are many times throughout your work week, you’ll need to engage in a “one-to-many” type of exercise where you need input, feedback, ideas and decisions from more than one coworker without wanting to set up meetings, or conference calls. …

Is it time to rethink the value of a meeting?

Imagine you just got a work email notifying you of a mandatory meeting later today. How do you feel? Focus not on what goes through your mind but what you feel in your gut. Is it pleasant and generally positive? Or is it distressing? Unsettling? Even irritating?

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a modern business organization, you can see where this is going. Depending on which study you trust, the average employee spends anywhere from 5.5 to 13 hours per week in meetings which they call “unproductive and wasteful” at least 50% of the time. As people…

By BigTeam editorial staff

Over the past few years, the term “agile” has become a buzzword in the mold of “disruption” or “scaling”. Even if you aren’t professionally tied to the tech space, you’ve probably heard it used recently. So, what does agile mean in relation to business today?

“Agile methodology” has its roots in software development: in response to prevailing heavyweight methods, seen as rigidly planned and micromanaged, lightweight alternatives emphasized continuous communication, adjustment, and improvement throughout the development process. Although many such processes became popular during the 90s, no general framework outlined what they all had in common…

By BigTeam Editorial Staff

Did you know that there are different types of feedback you can give your coworkers? You probably have a tendency to use one type in work settings, but you may not realize you had a “type” at all.

While each feedback type differs significantly from the other, they’re all necessary when providing your coworker or teammate with a holistic set of insights that they can use to boost the success rate of their idea or project. …

By BigTeam Editorial Staff

Do you remember a moment when you had a big “aha” idea?

Remember how it made you feel like you’re seeing everything so clearly? There were likely endorphins kicking in and the excitement began building for how your idea can make things in life so much better. Its the feeling of the start of something new.

Just you and your idea against the world.

Then, despite your best intentions, reality kicks in.

As in any other relationship you’ve had and maintained throughout your life, your relationship with your idea or project takes hard work as well…

By BigTeam Editorial Staff

Have you heard about the next gold rush?

It doesn’t involve any new minerals or precious stones. It’s not a new form of energy or a newly discovered part of the earth with beautiful beach-front real estate.

No, the race for riches now involves a dedicated focus on encouraging, fostering and then commercializing big ideas. …

By BigTeam Editorial Staff

Asking your team or colleagues within the organization for feedback on an idea or project you’re working on can be daunting. In theory, feedback is why organizations and offices exist: to promote productivity through healthy collaboration and support from other bright minds. In reality however, you probably weigh getting constructive feedback as much as you weigh the consequences of sharing unperfected work with peers, or engaging with those with higher job titles. You may even fear that you wouldn’t even know what to do with getting negative feedback. …


The smartest platform for internal feedback. Get actionable input from stakeholders on your projects without all the meetings and mess.

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