DRUMJAM @ Bangalore

If you’ve been in Bangalore long enough, you’ve probably been a part of the DRUMJAM that happens on the third Sunday of every month, at the Rangoli MAC on MG Road. But just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or working an IT job) all this while, this is what it looks like -

Yes my friend, welcome to namma Bengaluru — we take beating our own drums to a whole new level.

Community Drum Circles have been around for a long time — almost 16 years — since the time renowned percussionist Arthur Hull founded the concept in 2000 and began training musicians to become drum circle facilitators. The concept, while simple, is truly spectacular — a group of people sit together in a circle and play drums, spontaneously making music while simultaneously having a gala time with each other. There’s no need to have any experience with drumming, or even owning a drum. You simply show up and follow the facilitators lead. It’s insane amounts of fun, and before you know it — you’ve transformed from a mere mortal, to a kick-ass drummer!

The DRUMJAM held at Bayalu, Rangoli MAC is facilitated by Roberto Narain with Vasundhara Das. It’s based on the same concept and as you can see from the video, people — even watchers — get a total kick out of it. And why not, there’s after all, no bigger high in life than perhaps making music. More so when it’s with people you thought were complete strangers!

The DrumJam happens on the third Sunday of every month. To join the event, download Brigge and join the group, or check out their page. OR just show up!

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