3 “Must-Haves” for Today’s Entrepreneurs

On Monday, there’s a marketing meeting. On Tuesday, there’s a conference in the valley. Meeting with investors on Wednesday, payroll on Thursday, and testing the new release late Friday night… sound familiar? If so, you might just be an entrepreneur.

Hustle, as Gary Vee puts it.

Of course, not every entrepreneur’s week looks the same. But one guarantee is that no matter what your business, you are expected to be everywhere.

The entrepreneur must be omnipresent.

You can’t be limited by geographical location, or payment channel, or what device you’re using. You need technology that is as versatile and omnipresent as you are.

You need convenience, power, and speed.


source: Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts, 2016.

Why have mobile apps dominated the tech world? Why does the experience of browsing a website on your phone now feel sluggish and antiquated? One word: convenience.

A well-designed mobile app doesn’t just present the same information as a full-screen web page on a smaller scale. App creators consider the habits and preferences of mobile users and design a preferred experience for that platform. Maybe that’s while a shocking 70% of all internet use is now on mobile — and rising.

In the case of my transaction analytics company, Control, I know our users expect a different experience on mobile. While the desktop is best for taking a deep dive into the analytics of their business, mobile users want instant alerts and quick updates of their KPIs. Our Head of Design, Dustin Borek, expands on the benefits of our mobile app in a recent interview.


In the world of entrepreneurship, it’s not enough to have good ideas: you need the ability to execute in high-pressure situations. You need the insights into your business that allow you to grow and to create something meaningful.

Platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, Mixpanel, and Intercom — which are all accessible on mobile and desktop, by the way — offer powerful insights into how your users are engaging with your business. Our team uses those tools every day, wherever we are. Their power comes not only from the information they present but from the features they offer, making it easy to find exactly what is needed. It doesn’t matter what project we are working on, there are tools available to support us. As a modern day entrepreneur, we are blessed with powerful tools that empower us with data. Yes, we sometimes rely on our gut feelings, but it doesn’t hurt to have some data to back us up, too.


source: American Press Institute, 2015.

No one expects social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, to be the most authoritative news sources out there. And yet, it’s where most of us go to find updates about breaking stories, because of the one factor that distinguishes it from traditional news media: speed.

88% of millennials get their news from Facebook, the American Press Institute tells us. And this is from a report from 2015 — today the figure may be approaching 100%. Facebook has even added a “Safety Check In” feature that allows us to notify our friends that we are okay in the wake of a terror attack. A tragic sign of the times — but also an example of how social media’s speed can be used for good.

Instant access to information is a must, whether it’s the best of times or the worst. At Control, we designed our mobile app to be there with instant alerts, whether it’s good news from a loyal customer or notification of a potential fraud alert. Whatever it takes for your business.

I know what it’s like to have to be everywhere at once. That’s why my smartphone is my toolbox that is with me as I go from meetings to airport terminals to conferences. And Control is just one of the many tools that I rely on daily.

What makes a good tool? It needs to be convenient enough to be used anywhere you go. It should be powerful enough to display information that is more than just nice-to-know stats. It must be fast enough to alert you in real-time, no surprises when you arrive back into the office.

Is there a tool that changed the way you run your business? Please share! I’m always looking for new apps to add to my mobile toolbox.