Findify monthly newsletter — July 2017

We’ve had a jampacked June developing new features! So get excited and check out the details below.

But first, some awesome news :)

Shopify Plus declares Findify as a “best in class” solution

Findify was added to the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program as a leading search & discovery solution provider! It’s another validation of the value Findify delivers to fast growing businesses. Check out the press release here:

Rules for Recommendations

This feature allows you to create new recommendation widgets, and filter their content based on rules. For example, you can create a widget to show “similar products” and limit the scope to products in the same category, or from the same brand.

More details:

  • Filters are available on most of your product fields, including all custom fields.
  • Rules to include, exclude, push to top, and push to bottom specific products allow you to better control the content of the widgets.
  • The interface to control the recommendations filtering will be released soon in your merchant dashboard.

Available to:

  • All customers with A.I. powered personalized Recommendations (contact us as this feature is not in your merchant dashboard yet)

Product Pinning in Smart Collections

Pinning items for the Smart Collections in the Findify merchant dashboard

You asked for it and we built it! Product Pinning in your Smart Collections works the same way pinning works in your search!

If you want to keep more control over the ranking of certain products in certain Smart Collections, you can now pin those products in place so they never change their rank. Whether you pin high-margin products, or overstock products, they’ll stick to the top of the collection to get more eyes on them!

How to use this feature? If your plan included Smart Collections and you’re already using them, you can get access to your Smart Collections pinning in your Merchant Dashboard. Go to “My Smart Collections” > “Pinning” to begin using this new feature! Or just click here.

Add patterns as images to your color filters

Custom image for the pattern “Animal Print” in the color picker

An exciting feature for the fashion vertical!

Going beyond your solid color swatches, we now support adding images in your color palette to display different patterns. For example a leopard print or polka dots swatch.

How to use this feature? Contact us!

Improvements and documentation

  • Our extension for Magento 1.X now uses the latest version of our Merchant.JS. If you haven’t done so yet, you can upgrade from the Magento marketplace:
  • In the never ending pursuit of improving response times, we introduced the ability to choose which fields will be returned in the API response. The fewer fields you choose, the smaller the response — the faster the loading times will be!

Gather valuable insights from our latest ebook release

Did you know that combining user generated content (UGC) and A.I. powered personalization can increase your average order value by 12%? Or did you ever wonder how effective product reviews are at driving engagement?

In collaboration with our partner Yotpo, we've brought you this benchmark report on “How UCG & Personalized Search Increases Conversion Rates”. Check it out, here.

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