Findify + Yotpo = another step towards ecommerce awesomeness

Since we first released Findify Search, we have received quite a few feature requests, but none of them were as prominent as the request to add product ratings to the search results. When you think about it, it makes total sense. Reviews are an incredibly important part of the online buying decision, as people are looking for that indication of trust. When a real person, just like you, buys a product, tries it out and shares their unbiased opinion about it, it makes a huge difference in the buying decision process. These reviews are something that you can relate to, and since people are not getting paid to write them, you can trust that they actually liked (or disliked) the product.

In our endless pursuit of improving the online shopping experience, we dove into this. We tried to find out, what is the best product for product ratings out there? It needed to have a great offering, a very solid roadmap so it can scale and focus on the same merchants we do; merchants who are serious about their business, and looking to grow.

We found one company that fits this description perfectly — Yotpo. We decided to give them a call to see what they thought about the idea.

We had a few chats with different people in the team, then we got introduced to Billy, a Product Manager at Yotpo. After talking with Billy, we quickly realized how well our visions aligned and we knew Findify and Yotpo had to do something together.

We worked with Billy and the team in Yotpo on a beta version of the integration, and tested it with a few of our customers. It was an absolute success and we are very excited to make this integration publicly available to all our customers!

We truly believe that including product ratings in the search is something that will significantly boost customer trust, and conversion rates.

If you don’t have Yotpo on your store, go grab it now! You can find it on the Shopify app store, or just drop them a line from their website.

Here’s how the ratings look integrated into the Findify search results:

Once you have Yotpo live, don’t forget to enable the integration in your Findify Dashboard.

Happy selling!

Meni — Co-founder at Findify.

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