Our favourite features in the FirstStep app

We’re always working hard to make FirstStep faster and better than ever. Below are some of our favourite features in the FirstStep app (iOS / Android)!

Track your performance

Check the performance of your FirstStep investment account with our handy chart tool. Toggle between daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual performance.

Set a goal and save

One of the best ways to save money is to set a goal. Enter the thing you are saving for, set the target amount and then make it real!

Invest as you please

Invest spare change from everyday purchases, set recurring contributions, make one-off top ups or invest any amount at any time, with ‘Quick Deposits’.

Learn as you go

Know where your investments are going, with country, sector and company information and learn about advanced concepts, such as volatility.

Handy spend categorisation

We automatically categorise your spending so you can easily understand where your money is going. Track your latest transactions without having to open your mobile banking app and find opportunities to invest more.

We are here to help

If you have a question or having trouble with FirstStep, please contact us straight away through the app or by replying to this email at hello@firststep.co. We’ll help as soon as we can.