5 Simple Steps to Create a Workout Plan

It can feel intimidating to get back on track or just get started when you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon so here are 5 steps to get you going!


Write it Down

Create a Plan

If you don’t make a plan before you decide to sign up for the gym — you’ll end up on doing the same boring workouts every day while getting no results.

Decide which body part you really want to work on. Do you have great legs and want to make them stronger? An awesome backside that you want to get firmer? Do you have a trouble area that never seems to improve? Or do you want to lose weight overall?

Once you know what your goals are: WRITE THEM DOWN. Research has proven that writing down goals helps you achieve them.

Write it on your phone, board or agenda. Record an alarm, tell mamí, your boyfriend, tía María and everyone else in your life about what you’re GOING to accomplish.

There’s serious power in writing down your goals. There are no wrong answers, whatever you choose is right!


Schedule Your Workouts

Start a Challange

Consider “gym time” an important business meeting with your flyest self. CEO’s don’t cancel or skip vital meetings because they don’t feel like going and neither should you.

Make it easy and start a challenge. A squat challenge? The gallon challenge? No alcohol challenge? A Bootcamp transformation challenge? WHATEVER floats your boat. Take the guess work out and sign up for whatever works for you.

Resist every urge to cancel on yourself & don’t call out! An example of my first fitness schedule went something like this: one day of steady cardio, two days of strength training & two days of a Bootcamp challenge + group class.

Put your big girl panties on, sign up and stick to it!


Professional help

Hire a Trainer or coach

Too many of ya’ll have been doing the same workout with the same wack gym buddy for months or even years and seeing zero results.

We get too caught up in not wanting to look dumb, weak etc. & never ask for help.

But listen ya’ll, if your partner doesn’t know more about fitness that you do — you’re going about this all wrong!

After the first few weeks, willpower can only get you so far and having the right accountability partner can take your body to places it’s never been physically.

A trainer or coach will teach you new workouts, habits and ways to get and stay on track. They’re professionals and know how to help you target your problem areas.

This person will keep you on your toes, give you company and help you when you’re feeling weak.

After you choose what you’re going to focus on and made a plan go ahead and start doing your research. Ask people you know to recommend someone who’s worked for them.

Google is your friend & so is Facebook!

50% of my clients find me on Facebook and the other 50% are through word of mouth.

But, just like dating — sometimes you may need to go through a few bad fitness frogs until you find a good one.

Research around your area, try a few people out,(usually the first consultation is free) sign on with the person you vibe with the most and stop making excuses.

A friend or family member who you want to bring along for the ride should be someone who knows you well and who wants to support this change. If you tell said friend “hey let’s eat some pizza instead” and they agree… Sista’ you’ve got the wrong partner!

Click here to learn more on why having a workout buddy can give you an advantage.


Break It Down

Mix up Cardio and Strength Training

Take the 1st week to focus on choosing your plan or fitness challenge. Try out different locations and sign up for what suits your lifestyle the best.

Your 2nd week, focus on your eating habits. Continue to go to the gym, on the days you’ve scheduled and go to the grocery store to restock your cupboard and fridge with healthy food swaps.

Begin to tailor each day as a chance to work on something different. Let’s say you want to lose overall body fat, you want to break down each day to reach your goal.

Below is an example of how I plan my workouts:

Monday: Leg/Glutes — deep hip stretching

Tuesday: Cardio day: Teaching Zumba® :)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Upper Body/Abs

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Bootcamp/Cycling or another group fitness class

Sunday: Rest day/ Yoga


Consistency is Key

Pick one thing and stick to it. I always say this to folks who want to lose weight or want to target a certain body part.

If you do it for a few weeks and then relapse you can’t blame your trainer or your friends. YOU have to want to make a change and you must hold yourself accountable.

Sure we all fall off of the horse sometimes and that’s okay. I’ve tried a lot of things at first and gave up each time after the first-week spark was over. It wasn’t until I found something I really liked that I was able to stick to it.

So if you’ve been trying and haven’t been able to stick to something yet, that’s totally normal. In the beautiful words of Aaliyah, “If at first you don’t succeed, you can dust it off and try again.”

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. — @MarieForleo

Your body is unique. There’s no one like you. Thank God! Take care of your body and health— the rest will take care of itself.

Much love and respect, your trainer Massi

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