The Inside Scoop on Soul Cycle

Lights off. In the zone. Singing at the top of my lungs! No gimmicks, just a kick-ass 45-minute workout.

Soul Cycle was founded on the belief that fitness could be inspiring

I’ve tried spin, cycling and real ryder… but nothing compared to this.

Soul Cycling was an EXPERIENCE!

Why is it different from regular cycling/spin class?

#1 The entire class is choreographed with high resistance sprints and soulful, fun music. Essentially, you feel like you are dancing on your bike and feeling pretty damn good while breaking a sweat.

#2 You do pushups on the bike! There are also small hand weights on each bike that you may choose from (one, two, three or five pound). We completed several sets of an upper body workout with the weights.

#3 The lights are off… for the most part. The instructor is up on a platform, on their bike with candles surrounding them and strobe lights that they turn up and down depending on the song. (This may sound completely weird to some people but) It helps you really focus on YOURSELF and get into the groove!

#4 You receive shoes once you arrive. The shoes have a red heel in the front. You click this part into your bike pedals — which keep your feet locked in the same position through the class. According to the website, clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride and also allows each rider to target the correct muscle groups.

#5 Each bike has a number on it. When you register for your spot online you get to choose exactly where you want to ride.

Go on and get your SOUL on! If you are ready to really try something new I highly recommend it. :)

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