Take the #GetFitWithMassi Summer Fitness Challenge

Enjoying the weather, the beach, the cookouts and chillin’ with friends and family this summer?! Great -that’s EXACTLY what you’re supposed to be doing! The struggle this season, is going to be staying on track with your pre-summer fitness goals. Take my summer fitness challenge to counteract all of the summer indulgences.

Feed your brain! These cold-pressed juices were purchased at a local organic cafe in the upper west side of NY. The benefits are that juices/smoothies can be nutrient-dense. That means that you can get your daily amount of vitmains and minerals quickly and in liquid form. One drink can pack a HUGE punch!
A little bit of exercise cannot possibly make up for a whole lot of poor eating decisions this summer. Here are the five challenges to add to your current regiment that you can do in between your training sessions. Remember that a little bit goes A LONG WAY ! :)

#1 While you are scrolling through your Instagram and/or Facebook feed in the morning— take it to the floor. You can do a combination of stretches to awaken the body and enhance your range of motion and flexibility. After you finish but before you hop into the shower, complete a total of 50 squats!

#2 Drink more water! Swap your Gatorade, juice and/or coffee for water. Challenge yourself to drink as much water as humanly possible. A gallon a day, if you can. Staying hydrated can significantly decrease bloating and stubborn fat depostits in the body.

On the weekends or at outdoor events — drink what you want. In moderation of course! Give yourself a three drink maximum to help alleviate any cravings you may have built up throughout the week. This will prevent binging on other food(s) and drink(s).

#3 Swap your Doritos or Cheez-it snacks for a freshly made smoothie or juice. You can make it yourself at home or purchase one from any local grocery store.

#4 Park your car further than usual to sneak in a little bit of extra walking into your calorie burn each day.

#5 Say “NO!” to elevators this summer. Choose to use the stairs wherever you go.

Much Love and Respect,


#GetItRight #GetItTight #GetFitWithMassi

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