10 Online Image Editing Tools That is Easy to Use for Digital Marketers

The use of visual components can improve and boost your social media engagement several times over.

After all, the age-old saying is that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

And when you are communicating something, the target segment should retain it. You cannot afford to have the information you share with your users get lost or ignored.

People like seeing visuals because it is a kind of signature that stays in their mind forever. They can process it much better than written content. And when you have an eye-catching image, it’s going to hit the market in a very effective manner.

Hence, it is very important to create a stunning image for your marketing requirements and also, you need to edit your image well too.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr has a huge library of tools for all platforms. The editing function can be done using the Editor or through the pared down Express version. If you don’t want to go in-depth into the editing part or would like to do just the basic edits, then the Expression version would be more apt.

Pricing: Free

2. Fotor

Fotor has powerful digital editing tools, and comes with an interesting range of features and photo effects. Some of the effects include enhancing your photo, resizing, rotating and cropping them, infusing effects like stickers, photo frames, color splash and tilt shift.

Pricing: The basic version is free.

Upgrade to Fotor Pro for $3.33 per month for an annual $39.99 or at $8.99 per month.

3. Aviary

Develop your creativity skills with the help of the powerful online tool known as Aviary. The best thing about Aviary is that you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert, because it contains so many powerful tools and creative supplies that you can use without any guidance or help.A winner to have.


4. PicMonkey

Take your online photo editing requirements to new heights with PicMonkey. You can fine-tune your exposure, correct color, crop and increase the sharpness of your photos with PicMonkey. It lets you meet your marketing requirements by providing stunning visual content.

Pricing: After your free trial, you can sign up for the Premium or the Sub premium version.

5. LunaPic

LunaPic is a free, online tool that gives you professional quality pictures. Apart from several varieties of editing tools, you can also incorporate effects and filters to make your image attractive.

The tool allows you to edit the picture online, download from the computer and edit offline, or even create a new picture from scratch. Once completed, you can save the picture in any format and share it across Facebook and Twitter. Get this tool today!


6. Befunky

Befunky gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your photos without curbing your freedom. It lets you enhance your image so it addresses your unique social media marketing strategies easily.

Apart from the photo editor tool and the “photo effects” option, you have a collage maker that lets you design impressive stories from your images. There are layouts designed specifically for Facebook and Twitter, so the job is almost half done for you. A definite must-have.

Pricing:When billed $34.65 annually, the monthly plan will be at $2.91 and$4.95 for a monthly separate bill

7. Ribbet

With Ribbet, you can edit all your photos online professionally,and get creative with the shape of your image, add colors, effects, borders, stickers and filters. A noted feature about Ribbet is that you can just use the tool without downloading, installing or complicated sign ups.

Pricing: You will have to visit their website to get an insight into their pricing details.

8. Pizap

Pizap is an easy-to-use online photo editor that lets you make HD and 4K images. You can make use of the huge collection of stickers and effects and other advanced editing tools in the Pizap library. And here’s the topping — you can create your own emoji with the MEME maker and MEME sticker.

Pricing: free trial for one week, after which you can choose the monthly, annual or lifetime subscription

9. Canva

Canva is a free, online marketing tool where you can manipulate your image so it can be placed in the social media. Whether it is for your Facebook cover, or a sensational “flyer”, you can enjoy a number of options with Canva.

The best thing about the tool is that you can customize the dimensions as per your requirements. And they have templates from which you can choose your favorite image size. Additionally, there is a Design Community that lets you meet with other passionate Canva users.

Pricing: The basic version is free

If you go by the annual payment version, it would be $9.95 per month. and$12.95 per user/month for the monthly payment version.

10. Pablo

Pablo by Buffer is a quick-use tool that requires no log in or sign up. If you have an account in Buffer, you can start using the tool right away.. You can access the Pablo tool Pop up from Buffer and edit your image.

The image that you create online can be downloaded from Pablo, after you are done with it. The tool, ever since it was launched in March 2015 has been a favorite tool for social media marketers.

Pricing: Free tool


Images are so powerful when you use them correctly because they can communicate. You can be really creative with online image editing tools and come out with something unique and different.

The use of images increased with the trend of “mobile browsing”. As it is not easy to read a 500-word content in mobile devices, many marketers make their content visually appealing through the use of graphics and images.

Visual content get shared in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram thereby making your online marketing a success. For example, if you visit the Instagram account of Sharpie, you can see their page replete with artwork, from not just their marketing experts, but from their customers as well.

There is a lot you can do with images, so make the best of it.