10 Tools to Create Awesome Infographics

The success of a really good infographic lies in having a good and trendy idea to promote, a talented and professional infographic designer and a premium level vector graphics software program.

Special care must be taken to create each element in the infographic design separately, including charts, images, data visualizations, icons and illustrations because all these are later brought together in the program to create an infographic.

There are plenty of online tools out there, each with its own sets of features and benefits, perfect for professional, personal or even social media use.

Once you have the right tool in hand, you can create an effective infographic that will make your project stand out from the rest. In this article, we will discuss 10 of the best and most evolving tools, and their present capabilities:

1. Visme

Visme is an incredible tool that lets you create presentations, banners and animations with ease. There is a huge library and an impressive template collection that lets you create amazing visual content in the shortest time possible.

You can edit the infographic, insert and edit charts, change the data values, embed YouTube videos into the design and make a stunning and interactive presentation with this tool.

Pricing: Basic is free with three other pricing plans for you to choose from; ranging from $10 per month to $57 per month.

2. Infogr.am

If you are looking to create a flashy infographic in minutes, then Infogr.am is the answer. This tool is integrated with simple features making it easier for even a novice designer to feel his way around to get what he wants easily.

There are only 6 basic templates, but you can easily turn them around to whichever design you are looking for. Another advantage is that you can add videos and images from your personal files as well.

Inforaphics Created by: Janine Jurji

Pricing: Basic is free, with an upgrade to $9 per month.

3. Canva

With its huge library of design elements going to more than 100, you can now make a professional infographic within the shortest possible time.

The infographic tool is the answer to a competitive world when you need to come up with compelling, sharing and eye-catching designs. To top it all, the tool comes with a plethora of infographic ideas that you can use, so any time you are running out of ideas, you can just rely on Canva.

Canva Infographic Templates

Pricing: Many of the elements of this tool are free, while some tools are available for as low as $1.

4. Visual.ly

To produce high-quality infographic content, you can rely on Visual.ly, a community driven business intelligence platform. A noted feature about the tool is that you can collect publicly available data and create an infographic out of it. The tool also pairs with other data feeds to provide data to its users.

Visual.ly Example

The pricing for the tool is a bit on the higher end. Visit their website to know more.

5. Piktochart

No list of best online infographic tools will be complete without a mention of Piktochart. It is just one of the best around, with a huge library of web-based infographic tools, arrows, libraries, connector lines and shapes to a range of text that you can customize and use.

The tool is so incredible that you can upload your graphics and position them a single touch. Perfect for social media, personal use, classroom teaching, office uses and do on.

Piktochart: Infographics Template

Pricing: You can start free and then move on to choosing any of the pricing plans. $29 is the subscription price.

6. Creately

The best thing about Creately is that it lets you work quickly. In fact, it lets you work five times faster than other tools, where a single click can let you draw the desired shape.

There is an impressive color palette that lets you create customized shapes and beautiful diagrams. And the best thing about the shapes tool is that it adapts itself to the neighboring shapes and match itself to the diagram.

Pricing: Creately comes up with several exciting plans and options from free usage to plans that can go up to $750 per month or $7500 per year depending on the number of users.

7. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is a good tool and would be a nice choice when your infographic needs basic designs and layouts. Probably the reason for the lack of a “How to” section in their website bears testimony to the fact that the tool is simple to use from the word go. The tool comes with easy downloads for jpg and pdf versions.

Pricing: Easel.ly is free

8. Venngage

With hundreds of tools, charts, themes and a horde of templates, Venngage is an online resource that helps you create dynamic and colorful infographics.

Apart from customizing the template to suit your requirement, you can also upload your own images whenever needed. With its easy drag and drop function, you can easily pull the widgets, lock and group them into the canvas without any hassle.

Venngage Infographic Template

Pricing: Venngage is free for students, $49 per month for enterprises and $19 per month for individuals/

9. Edraw

Edraw is an easy solution for making infographics and the best thing about the tool is that it lets you make infographics easily and quickly.

Edraw Infographic Template

The software comes with thousands of design elements that can be used in a variety of environments and create a plethora of shapes. Integrated with data visualization tools, Edraw allows you to make a number of charts using predefined shapes. And you also have access.

10. Adioma

Adioma is the ultimate choice for those wanting to create professional infographics. A noted feature of the tool is that it contains infographic templates that can generate itself and can adapt to your text.

If you are looking to communicate your idea through a variety of templates and want to incorporate timelines, grids, cycles and trees, Adioma would be good.

Pricing: The pricing would, of course, be dependent on the plan you choose, but it goes free for the first 14 days. The professional version is at $39 per month, while the expert version is at $69 per month.


These are by far some of the best tools in the industry for making infographics. They are not listed as per their merit or tagged under any category. You can try these tools and see which of them suits your requirements, and since most of them offer a free trial, it wouldn’t be much of a task.